COTTON H4 price 14.6.2012

cotton h4 price 14.6.12

Here we finally get some updates from the COTTON market. Iam a big buyer, because despite lower global demand for this commodity, the overall harvest wont be so fascinating this seasson. Some major parts of India suffer from lack of rains and manual workers in the industry strike against low wages etc etc etc…. … Here […]

Cotton Daily Price levels

cotton daily price levels

…here I offer a closer look to the “previous price levels analysis” on a cotton market. This is very useful tool to implement in your trades, because price often tends to reach previously achieved levels. As we can see, on the 15th of March 2012 it started a rally which was sharply upward to the […]

COTTON H1 price 8.3.12

cotton h1 price angular 8.3.12

On this chart we get a closer view to the cotton, from an hourly perspective. I added some two Arcs to the chart so we get an angular point of view too. The Arcs are being set to be in scale of 3 and 6. Other analysis is typically price levels.

COTTON H4 Price 8.3.12

cotton h4 price 8.3.12 -3

This time we look at the cotton market. I personally bought one mini lot on the 8th of March 2012. Here I provide my own 4H price analysis. The blue rectangles are showing equality, red ones are important price zones. I also added a channel which shows a downtrend tendency, but its a very wide-range […]