OIL Brent


oil h4 angular 5.3.12

Here we get a nice example of a combination of two Arcs, one Fan and a channel. More comments are not needed so much. I just add that the arcs are in scale of 18. We are facing a very strong uptrend in the oil. The main tendencies lie in a political level of influence. […]

OIL Weekly price analysis

oil weekly

This is a weekly chart of crude oil brent showing the huge freefall of oil price from the 6th of July 2008 til 21st of Dec 2008. It was a great 11.180 pips of fun. Unfortunatelly, oil is rallying in nowadays again and in time of typing this article we face a price around 124 […]

OIL H4 24.2.12

oil h4 angular 24.2.12

Here we get a 4H chart of a crude oil. Crude has been rising significantly from the very begining of 2012. Difficult to say is that this price we see on the chart is not a result of the Law of supply and demand. It is only a speculative and political price which doesnt reflect […]