trendlines AUDUSD – H1

audusd trendlines h1, 28.9.12

trendlines analysis on H4 – AUDUSD

audusd trendlines h4, 28.9.12

simple trendlines analysis of AUDUSD, I added some fibo FAN also to make it complete angle analysis

AUDUSD H4 Angular 19.3.12

audusd h4 angular 19.3.12

…Here I just show simple combination of Arcs. Its an H4 time frame and I analysed only one price swing + added some channel. Here the most important is the Arc though. Look at the price action… it was climbing in the white Arc, on its border, and on Monday the 19th the rate started […]

AUDUSD Daily Equality 15.3.12

audusd daily equality 15.3.12

…here we see a daily chart which has been analysed on the “equality” basis… in other words I have concentrated myself on price movements up-n-downs and measured the waves and I tried to find equal movements. Upward equalities are shown as red rectangles while downs are blue. Just have a look at the chart – […]

AUDUSD H1 Price PHI 15.3.12

audusd h1 price 15.3.12

…. look at the downtrend here. The downtrend started on the 1st of March 2012… first big wave was designed in the green fibo…then price retraced up to the 50% and bounced back down…. the next wave was exactly 61,8% of the first one!!! … then price retraced again… appx 38.2% and the third wave […]

AUDUSD H4 Price 15.3.12

audusd h4 price 15.3.12

…as I have predicted, Kiwi is going down. Many retracements are controled by the imporant “red areas” as shown on the chart. I have read some news today that Western Australian premier would like to see the AUDUSD somewhere in the 0,9X area…. lets see if his Wish is realised. I am personally going short […]

AUDUSD Angular 5.3.12

audusd h4 angular 5.3.12

Now look at the angular point of view of AUDUSD on a H4 basis. Now when I type this post, the currency pair is about to break a very important channel line to the downside. Have a look at the overall situation. I used a combination of two arcs, one FAN and a channel which […]

AUDUSD H4 Price 5.3.12

audusd h4 price 5.3.12

Here we look closer at AUDUSD on a H4 basis. First I uploaded a daily chart analysis several days ago. Now Iam already in trade and looking closer to the overall situation. I dismantled the H4 uptrend and Iam looking for support areas. The trend started in late Nov 2011 and made its top on […]


audusd daily price 29.2.12

This is a sample chart of the aussie dollar set on a daily basis. Looking for a short position?