Fibonacci live trading seminář v Praze


   V prostorách naší pražské galerie českého klasického umění pro vás připravuji další FIBONACCI LIVE TRADING seminář. Tentokrát jsem zvolil dostupnější Prahu.     Během workshopu představím všechny dostupné Fibo obchodovací nástroje jako na webinářích konaných pro X-Trade Brokers (jaro 2014). V rámci komplexní Fibo analýzy namodelujeme v neděli 17.5.15 trh německého indexu DAX, který budeme následně v […]

Euro H4 – Fibo FAN, price levels, simple elliptic map, 7.3.2013

euro h4 chart fan, price levels, ellipsis

on this chart there are three different FAN standing on three local H4 swing tops, a serie of two ellipses and important price past levels…. obrázek v plném rozlišení je zde

Euro – power of the trendlines, weekly chart

euro weekly trendlines

plné rozlišení obrázku je zde

simple trendline analysis of USDJPY – H4

usdjpy h4 trendlines 28.9.12

simple trendline analysis based on H4 chart, created 28.9.12. On the chart there is one regular fibo, one channel and trendlines based on two bases

NATGAS price 14.6.12

natgas daily price 14.6.12

Just a quick update to the NATGAS market. I closed my previous LONGS at 2.710. Now Iam buying again at 2.270 (11.6.2012). Short term target is appx 2.700


long at 90.84         8.3.2012 – active long at 84.40        10.5.2012 – active long at 78.23         21.5.2012 – active long at 73.68         24.5.2012 – active long at 69.63         5.6.2012 – active long at 70.60       […]

EURUSD H1 Price 8.3.12

eurusd h1 price 8.3.12

Eur has rebounded from the downtrend and in days of the greek bond swap decising we face a reincarnation of the EURUSD. Pay attention to the red areas and yellow discontinuous lines which show the previous achieved price levels.

EURUSD Daily Time Analysis 28.2.12

eurusd daily time 28.2.12

Here on this chart we get a EUR time analysis. It was quite complex task though. I started with the first circle in June 2010. In case of this graph I havent highlighted all supporting points, but only the analysis “results” shown in the blue rectangles. It is crucial to say that in case of […]

EURUSD Weekly price analysis

eur weekly

A chart being displayed above is a guide through a weekly chart regarding its price decomposition. I basically used the upward trend leading from the 13th Nov 2005 til the 20th of April 2008. The general main trend was dismantled into smaller ones on a phi basis (every another trend is 61,8% of the previous […]

EURUSD Daily 24.2.12

eurusd daily price 24.2.12

This is a very concentrated daily chart. The point of such a concentration of datas is that here I want to show the main price Fibo trend and its impacts in the future. Here we analyse the main uptrend which starts on the 10th of Jan 2011 and goes up to the 4th of June […]