GBPUSD Daily Angular 8.3.12

gbpusd daily angular 8.3.12 - 2

A new angular proposal I made just today… the ellipses are set to be in scale of 9. I installed also a channel and two FANs. Always look for the clusters of particular tools.       …now lets have a look from the downside:


gbp h4 price 29.2.12

Here I offer a very interesting view to the Sterling market. I had to upload a large chart, because a lot of time has passed since the initial analysis was done. Speaking in specific numbers I drew the first Fibo on the 31st of June 2011 and this analysis is still active in early 2012. […]

GBPUSD H4 TIME 28.2.12

gbpusd h4 time 28.2.12

GBPUSD H4 Time Analysis 28.2.12

GBPUSD Daily TIME 28.2.12

gbpusd daily time analysis

I have been working for two hours on this chart. Its a daily based Sterling prospect where I looked at the time cycles. Frankly, it wasnt easy for me to find some reasonable output of this analysis. I did my best though and highlighted the most important areas with the blue rectangles. I purposely prolonged […]


gbpusd weekly

Doing a Fibo analysis many traders end their prospects on a daily chart. But, is it enough? One would say that if we do an analysis on a weekly chart, it takes so much time to the price to achieve this or that Fibo level. But, this thought is only partially correct. Yes, it is […]

GBPUSD H1 24.2.12 updated

gbpusd h1 price 6.3.12

   On this chart we see a bit more detailed view to the Sterling. Its an H1 chart analysing a downtrend from the 8th of Feb to the 14th of Feb. I used 4 main Fibo trends and an Expansion (white discontinuous line). We saw that Sterling created a very sharp shaped shoulder-head-shoulder formation and […]


gbpusd h4  price 24.2.12

This is a typical H4 sterling price analysis where I highlighted the trend which started on the 13th of Jan 2012 and was active until the 8th of Feb 2012. I used a regular derivative analysis based on 5 sub-trends and one expansion scheme. Important price fields are in the red rectangles. Iam typing this […]

GBPUSD Daily SAMPLE 10.2.2012

gbpusd daily 10.2.12

This is a sample chart showing a Sterling vs the Dollar on a daily basis. It is based on an angular and time Fibo analysis. General trend is upward here, although a yellow Fibo channel (with red levels) shows a major slowdown … british “overdebt” and an increasing unemployment, EU debt crisis etc… made their […]