S&P 500

SP500 Fibo channel, daily

us.500daily fibo channel 29.5.13

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SP500 daily 200sma important deviation 3.5.13

us.500daily 200sma

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SP500 daily equality block 3.5.13

us.500daily equality block

SP500 Daily 200 SMA, Crucial ellipsis

us.500daily 200sma, blue ellipsis

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SP.500 H4 elliptic map

us.500h4 ellipses nov2012-april2013

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SP500 retrace channel – daily chart

sp500 daily retrace channel

Here I bring an interesting concept of a fibo channel which ive drawn recently. Its based on a daily chart and it should provide an outlook to some resistance levels as a matter of an angle of the trend. I sold one contract of MAR13 SP500 at price 1534. Is this crazy zero fundaments based […]

Eliptic map of SP500

us500 daily ellipsis map

Here in this post I offer you to see an eliptic map which I created on a very wide price range of SP500. The story started on the top of the trend from 10.10.2007 at price 1587,50 and went down to 6.3.2009 to a bottom price at 665,50 appx. Through this price range I drawn […]

S&P 500 Weekly price outlook

sp500 weekly price

Here we face a weekly chart of the S&P 500. I desagregated the overall downtrend leading from the 12th of Oct 2007 to the 1st of March 2009. The decomposition is phi-based (shown in red rectangles). Results are amazingly accurate. Important price fields are designed to be the blue rectangles. Here we see that the […]