Here I offer a very interesting view to the Sterling market. I had to upload a large chart, because a lot of time has passed since the initial analysis was done. Speaking in specific numbers I drew the first Fibo on the 31st of June 2011 and this analysis is still active in early 2012. Point is that I determined the trend from the end of June ´11 to the end of July ´11 as crucial. What have I done was applying 4 main Fibo sub trends to that price range and I combined the basic Fibo analysis with using previous-achieved price levels (shown as the yellow discontinuous lines). The chart seems to be very data agregated, but on the other hand it is good to see such a big space, because here we can weigh on several major support/resistance areas in a long time…  This is just an idea, a concept, but what I wanna show is that even older data from the H4 chart could be very helpful 9 months later.